The Absolute Least you need to know about Internet security


I have put together this guide for my friends who are active on the internet but not necessarily super tech-saavy because they aren’t interested in it and its not something they think about. So I wanted to write something where it took as little of their time as possible to get the information they need, with links to more, but stripped down to the bare minimum. This is obviously a Work In Progress, just hope it doesn’t become obsolete before I finish it

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How to be productive in a new Language


For reasons of both chance and choice I have had to learn several new programming language in a relatively short time. I have definitely not become an expert in any of them, but I have learned how to get things done. I would probably lose a programming quiz about the ins and outs of these languages, but I have a lot of working, quality code out in the wild in those languages.

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An experienced web-developer who has been working on the web since the 90's. Using Python and more to create the next generations of web applications.


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